Screentime for Flash

Flash Screensaver Builder - Convert any SWF into a Screensaver

  • Supports Flash, Flex, and Flash Builder for ActionScript 2 & 3.
  • Outputs User Friendly, Localized Screensaver Installer.
  • Supports Windows and Mac -- Including the latest Windows  and Mac OS X Snow releases!
  • Unmatched Features: multiple monitors, interactivity, read & write files, set wallpaper...
  • Free Professional Support. Free Upgrades for 1 Year.

Your Flash. Your Campaign. Fullscreen and Viral!

*Screentime V5 for Mac  with Mac OS 10.8 Support has been released!

Screentime for Flash enables Adobe Flash designers and developers to create high impact screensavers with Flash. Slide shows, videos, cloud based data, hyperlinks, social networking – it's all possible in a screensaver created with Screentime.

Make something cool and your campaign can go viral. When your user's computer sleeps, co-workers and friends will say, "I want that!!!"

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The only Mac and Windows Solution!

Screentime is the only Flash native screensaver solution that supports both Mac and Windows, including Mac 10.8 and Windows 7.

Create your content on either platform then use Screentime Mac to create Mac OS X (10.6 and later) savers. Move your content to the PC and use Screentime PC to create savers for the PC (Windows XP and later).

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Now Playing on Millions of Monitors

Screentime for Flash is used by creative professionals at Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Tribal DDB, Warner Brothers and thousands of other companies to deliver rich entertaining content to millions of desktops worldwide. 

Yes, those Harry Potter, Pixar, Mercedes, Rolex, Audi, and Flickr screensavers where made with Screentime.

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Multilingual -- New for 2012!

The installer built with Screentime is multilingual. Our current version ships with support for English, German, French, Dutch, and Japanese -- You build and distribute one installer to reach users worldwide.

If you need other languages, contact us, and with your help, we'll add them for you. Free.

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Unmatched Feature Goodness

OK, here's a few... 

Flash in every aspect of your screensaver: installer, settings window, and preview. Support for multiple monitors, interactivity, expiration, Flash Player install, added files (License, JPGs, XMLs, FLVs, etc.). A Screentime ActionScript class to read/write files, check net connection, download files.

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Works with...

flash cs3 flash cs4 flash cs5
flex flash builder
flex flash builder
mac os x windows pc


Screentime for Mac - $249 USD

Convert Flash SWFs to Screensavers for Mac OS X.

Screentime for Windows $249 USD

Convert Flash SWFs to Screensavers for PC.

Mac and PC $399 (Save $100) USD

You get both Screentime Mac and PC.

Updates $99 USD per platform - more...

Educational Discount 10% - Contact Us


Screentime for Flash is a powerful Flash screensaver creator that converts your Adobe Flash SWF files into reliable, professional screensavers. Just drag-and-drop your Flash content on Screentime and click "Build" to create a screensaver. Add a few more steps and take advantage of Screentime's unmatched features.


Check these links for help in creating your Flash screensaver.

Free Sample Code Design Guide
Instant Message Us Create a Support Ticket

Screentime Blog


We've re-engineered Screentime for Flash 4 to keep up with all the latest changes in Flash and Mac and PC operating systems with an eye toward making improvements in speed, usability, and today's worldwide market.

  • Extremely easy to use, just drag-and-drop a SWF on Screentime and click "Build" to create a screensaver. Add a few more steps and take advantage of Screentime's unmatched features. 
  • Screentime PC supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 95/98/Me, NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7. 
  • Screentime Mac supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
  • Customize not only the screensaver, but also the installer, preview, and settings window with Flash.
  • Outputs a simple "one-click" screensaver installer.
  • Multiple language support - Outputs a single screensaver installer that supports Dutch, English, French, German, and Japanese.
  • Additional languages can be added upon request. Free.
  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Customizable icon, ReadMe, and License in installer.
  • Support for additional external files (i.e. JPGs, XMLs, FLVs, etc.).
  • Flash Player 10.1, FLEX, Flash CS5 support.
  • Custom STF ActionScript class to check net connection, read/write files, get a unique user ID, and more.
  • Preview and debug tracing.
  • Command line build to improve work flow.
  • Complete list of features...
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