mProjector 4 - Flash Desktop Application Builder

mProjector is the best way to transform your Flash animations and web applications into desktop applications.

support Windows support Mac OS X
  • Converts Flash SWFs into Desktop Applications.
  • Supports ActionScript 2 & 3, Flex and Flash.
  • Outputs Single File Executables for Smaller, Faster Downloads -- AIR runtime NOT required.
  • Support for both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Free Tech Support and Upgrades for 1 Year.
  • Trusted by F100 Corporations and Start-ups.
  • !! Not fully Mac OS 10.8 Compatible !!

Create Flash-based Desktop Applications for both Windows and Mac OS X.
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  1. You Will Make Amazing Applications

    mProjector transforms your Flash web application into a Desktop application. Make connected widgets, games, branded news readers, screen buddies, autorun CD installers, system tray or toaster popup alert applications. Make happy clients... and more of them. More...

  2. For Windows and Mac!

    mProjector supports both Windows and Mac OS X with more cross-Platform APIs and unmatched cross-platform functionality. Only mProjector supports Flash-Shaped windows on Mac and Windows, and unlike our competitors we use our software (mProjector) to build mProjector. Maximize your audience with minimal effort. More...

  3. Pixel-Perfect Transparency

    mProjector now supports dynamic Flash-shaped windows, alpha channels, and anti-aliasing for both Windows and Mac OS X. Whatever you draw on the Flash Stage will draw directly on the desktop -- in real time. Old-school development tools and the SWF2EXE competition can't touch this. More...

  4. Know Flash? You know mProjector.

    So; you know Flash. What does it take to learn mProjector, you say? Well, mProjector integrates right into the Flash IDE and looks as if it shipped with it. So your "learning curve" is more like a learning blip. More...

  5. It Works!

    What’s that, you say? On the PC, you've found several other SWF2EXE tools? With just as many features. Maybe "more". And therein lies the problem. Can you say "bloated", "overly complex", "buggy", "Windows-Only", "huge file sizes"? Unfortunately they can, and do. You don't have to worry about these issues with Flash so why should you with your desktop application creator? More...

  6. Fast Downloads

    File size is still important. A quick and easy download can be the difference between user adoption and disinterest. mProjector applications are often less than megabyte, much less.

    Mac Applications: 300 Kb zipped, 800 Kb expanded.
    Windows EXEs: 275 Kb zipped, 300 Kb expanded.

  7. Multiple Windows

    mProjector supports on-the-fly window creation so your application is not limited to one window or a set of predefined windows. Each window can play its own SWF. And windows can communicate with each other via custom-defined synchronous functions. So powerful you could make your own widget engine! More...

  8. Get Up to Speed Quickly

    We've worked hard on making mProjector "just work" but of course you'll have questions. So, We've put a lot of effort into high quality, readily accessible documentation and samples. More...

  9. Set Your Widget Free

    Making a widget that is trapped in a Dashboard or Konfabulator layer just isn't the same. Out of site, out of mind. mProjector lets you build completely standalone widgets.. More...

  10. Growing User Community

    mProjector is building a diverse user community. Movie studios are using mProjector to create widgets to support movie and DVD releases. (European Football Association) has built an alert application to deliver up-to-the-minute news and scores to their fans. Developers are building shareware and full-blown application to manage and deliver multimedia content. Drop by our Forum to get ideas.

  11. Custom Programming Available

    Want some help or need a some custom features. Call us at +1-760-747-5995. We're here to help!

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