Make Flash Screensavers

  Place your creative effort front and center -- build a Screensaver!


  • Converts Flash SWFs into Screensavers.
  • Supports ActionScript 2 & 3, Flex and Flash.
  • Screensaver ActionScript Class - check internet connection, read & write files, set wallpaper...
  • Outputs User Friendly Screensaver Installer.
  • Support for both Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8.
Screentime For Flash is the best way to quickly and reliably convert your SWF into a professional quality Flash screensaver. more…
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Make Flash Applications

  Put your amazing Flash web apps and widgets on the Mac and PC Desktop!


  • Converts Flash SWFs into Desktop Applications.
  • Supports ActionScript 2 & 3, Flex and Flash.
  • Custom Desktop API  Actionscript Classes.
  • Outputs Single File Executables for Smaller, Faster Downloads -- AIR runtime NOT required.
  • Support for both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
mProjector enables you to build rich-internet applications for the desktop using Adobe Flash more…
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Check these links for help in creating your Flash screensaver or super projector.

Free Sample Code
Design Guide
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See how companies are using Flash screensavers and Flash-based desktop applications:

Multimedia Shop
Advertising Agency
IT Department
Small Business
Social Networking
Desktop Branding
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